ERP for Plastic industry

ERP for Plastic Industry

Published on : January 7th, 2021

Publisher : Akshay Lothe

Plastic is material found in every household. There isn’t a exist a single real-life place where plastic has not made it’s way. The applications of plastic is huge, and so is the demand for the same. Plastic being super-flexible material can be molded into any shape by various methods. These properties of plastic make it a desirable material for manufacturing industries to work with. Plastic blends amazingly in our day-to-day life that it is must have material in current era. Every household item mostly has plastic, but not limiting to that plastic also has wide variety of applications for industrial purposes as well. Plastic products which we use everyday like Plastic tanks , PVC plastic pipes , plastic fasteners, and plastic bags like Plastic woven sack.

Manufacturing plastic products is no easy job for industries. It involves intricate operations and processes which are not easily handles when primitive methods are used. Modular software cannot be effective in handling such a large industry and modular software is diversified and has no central storage facility for fetching the information. The efficiency in modular software is relatively poor as compared to newer solutions for plastic industry. To gradually increase the production and smoothen the workflow, an industry needs a industry-specific software designed and implemented to get past all the hurdles and obstacles.

ERP software is such a software that provides effective solution to cope up with all the challenges that occur in the industry. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software for plastic industry meticulously plans all the resource in the plastic industry, and properly allots required resources at required tasks and operations. Simply putting in other words, ERP software is a suite of software which simplifies most of the processes which are involved in manufacturing the plastic products and goods. To achieve great results and proper production, ERP software can help in bringing those results.

ERP software for plastic industry has various advantages over modular software. First and foremost in complete automation. Automation in ERP software for plastic industry automates the entire system, ultimately omitting the human errors. Automation also makes the information travel faster as sometimes geographical locations can pose a hurdle and delay the access to information.

As the information and data is centrally stored by ERP software, the access to information can be granted instantly whenever required. This can save tons of time as it can speed up rest of the production process. An ERP software also integrates the entire system, meaning the entire system which is divided into several departments unites into one system. This brings about the important aspect of seamless inter-departmental communication. Various modules are responsible for these communications between various departments.

Key benefits of ERP for Plastic Industry:

ERP software simplifies the entire process and operations reducing delays in operations.

Seamless communication between modules and departments reduces errors and makes it easier to tally information.

Finance and accounts are always in check, as the module for finance and accounts keeps track of every transaction that has taken place.

The stock for raw material or products goods and commodities is easily kept in check thanks to inventory management module.

System-wide integration and central storage of information creates a easy pathway for data to access regardless of geographical challenges.

Modules in ERP for Plastic Industry:

Inventory Management

Finance and Accounts

Quality Control

Production Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Customer Relationship Management



The above advantages and benefits clearly identifies the need of ERP software in plastic industry. The software also have additional benefits which are not explicitly seen but have long term effectiveness. ERP software can also be used in industries like plastic pipes manufacturing, plastic tank manufacturing, woven sack manufacturing industry, and plastic injection moulding industry. Plastic industry sector is huge and many industries struggle to find a decent solution to facilitate proper operations and smoother workflow, hence ERP is a boon for plastic industry.