ERP for Plastic Component industry

ERP for Plastic Components

Published on : Dec 30, 2020

Publisher : Akshay L.

Plastic is one of the most prominent material used around the world. Business in plastic industries is booming as the world relies more and more on plastic products. Long term usable plastic products are replacing the traditional products everyday. Plastic has outgrown into a huge industry and will continue to do so in coming future. Plastic Industry involves intricate operations and workflow. Starting from procurement of raw material to turn into plastic, the industry also has to keep a close monitoring on production and shipping of products.

Plastic industries have various operations like Plastic Injection Moulding, Casting, blow molding and extrusion which are critical in making high quality products. There are multiple challenges to maintain proper functioning of the industry. To cope up with such challenges, ERP software can be a perfect and absolute solution. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.

The ERP software for plastic industry meticulously plans and utilizes various resources in the industry. ERP software is the industry-specific solution for plastic industry. There are multiple benefits of ERP software. Automation being one of the foremost important aspect and benefit of ERP software, other benefits like like business intelligence and analyzing statistics are add-on.

Plastic component industry has similar operations to that of plastic. Moreover, plastic component industries have additional processes and methods to give plastic the desired shape to get the product ready. Methods like injection molding are the industry standard in plastic component industry. ERP software helps in easily carrying out all processes, and un-interrupted flow of the operations. ERP software also takes the timeline and production planning & scheduling in consideration, so as to achieve the desired production target. This requires well-designed ERP software to fit the industry requirements, and should be flexible in its functioning.

Here are some of the Key benefits of ERP software for plastic component industry :

Stock Management makes it easy to monitor all the stocks of raw material in the industry. It is easier to keep track of inventory.

In production process, the entire raw material is not consumed. Some material gets wasted or left over, to get estimation of wasted material or left over material, ERP software provides exact statistics.

BOM i.e Bill of Material and production planning is made easy with the help of ERP software. Also production scheduling ensures that the targeted production is achieves in the defined timeline.

Regrind usage and consumption ensures that tracking of scrap rates, regrind usage, runner etc. consumption is done properly.

The entire products and produced products are kept track of and monitored via stock sheet. It also contains availability of stocks weight-wise.

Easy traceability ensures that the specific lot is allotted with relevant lot number/ serial number to keep stock on track.

Key Modules in ERP for plastic component industry:

Procurement and sales

Finance and Accounts

Inventory Management

Production Planning

Loading and Dispatch

Production Scheduling


What are Plastic components?

There exist various plastic components ranging from small components to huge ones. Industries produce these components depending on the purposes they serve, and also plastic component industries are specific. Every plastic component industry does not product all the components, rather there are component-specific industries for this. Various components include faucets, fasteners, household components, industrial components, pipes and joints, Plastic water tanks (commercial and domestic), woven sacks and gunny bags, automotive parts, and various other components. The components can be a product itself, or various other components can be assembled into a single product. Plastic industry and plastic component industry continues to rise, and driving more business every year.


Plastic industry is as big as steel and other metal industries. The industry is extremely labour intensive, and managing a plastic component industry require proper planning of resources. Managing customers is also of utmost importance. Due to this, a proper solution is required which can carry all the difficulties and challenges to the bay, reducing the overall stress of intricate operations. ERP software is a boon to every industry, let alone plastic industry. Hence implementation of ERP software in the industry can sort out various factors to enable higher profits and production.