ERP for Aerosol Industry

ERP for Aerosol Industry

Published on : 21st January , 2021

Publisher : Akshay Lothe

Aerosol is the propellant stored in the pressured cans and used in specific situations. Spray paint, hair spray, and perfumes are some of the example of aerosol. Aerosol industry is huge, and the industry is driven by the increasing consumption of personal care and hygienic products. The rapid increase in the demand of aerosol compels the industry to stay in constant chain of production. Aerosol industry involves myriad of processes and operations, which are tedious. Managing the equipment and machinery, aerosol industries can pose huge challenges that are sometimes difficult to tackle.

Aerosol industries has to deal with filling of thousands of cans, without any spillage and wastage of propellant. This has to be done with extreme precision and accuracy, as any error or calculation error can lead to spilling of gallons of propellant. Often times propellants are flammable and sensitive to flammable objects. This can lead to fire destroying and burning the entire industry. To avoid such incidents, aerosol industry needs to be exceedingly careful. A software that can manage and control every operation in industry is required to solve all the challenges that occur in aerosol industry. ERP for manufacturing industry can be tweaked and added with some modules to work for ERP for aerosol manufacturing industry.

What is ERP software for Aerosol Industry?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the best pick of digital solution for aerosol industry. ERP software for aerosol industry meticulously plans and utilizes all the resource available in the industry, making workflow smooth and yield maximum output. ERP software for aerosol software relies heavily on the modules. These modules connects and builds a robust network of departments and divisions so exchange of information becomes seamless. ERP software for aerosol industry has many features to improve operations in the industry.

ERP for aerosol industry stores all the information and data on centrally located servers. Advantage of storing data on centralized location is that the information is accessible at any instance. Industries that has plants across the country can feasibly access all the information of any plant at moment.

This gives ERP software an edge over other solutions. Information and records are secured and regularly backed-up so that no data loss occurs. Business Intelligence or BI in ERP for aerosol software uses various tools like data mining, data visualization, and data analytic to gain insights about the industry. These reports and information further helps the industry in making strategic business decisions that can benefit the industry.

Modules in ERP for Aerosol Industry

Procurement and Sales

Production Planning

Supply Chain Management

Finance and Accounts

Inventory Management

Logistics and Warehousing

Types of Aerosols


Pesticides aerosol sprays are used for killing mosquitoes and cockroaches. Some pesticide aerosol spray are also used for killing ants.

Perfumes and Deodorants

Perfumes and deodorants sprays are used to get rid of ill smell and odour. Generally these sprays are not harmful and can be applied directly on human body.

Spray Paints

Spray paint cans are used in drawing graffiti designs and also for painting various objects. Various manufactures produce spray paints, in various colors and compositions to meet the user’s requirements.


Foams are used in automotive industry for cleaning the surface of automobile vehicle. These sprays are extremely effective in cleaning the surfaces of vehicles.


Aerosol industries has to deal with manufacturing of cans with accurate dimensions so that while filling the cans with propellant, it shall not spill. Hence minute details and calculations are needed in the aerosol industry. ERP software for aerosol industry handles all the challenges and helps the industry to smoothen the workflow. Lighthouse ERP is one of the best ERP software, upgrading over 35+ years. Lighthouse ERP software provides the industry with a backbone on which the industry can rely on for its operations.