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Best Cloud ERP Solution in India

Published on : 11 March , 2021

Publisher : Akshay L.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software helps the industries to function smoothly, and eases the operations. Cloud ERP software shares various similarities with on-premise ERP software, except Cloud ERP is hosted on ERP vendor’s server rather than on-premise resources. Cloud ERP software uses the resources of vendor to provide services in various organizations.

What is on-premise ERP software?

On-premise ERP software in implemented on client’s site or premise. The ERP software uses the server space of client, and all the operations are done locally on client’s premise. On-premise ERP software are easy to modify, and easy to customize based on client’s requirements. The ERP software also puts all the control in client’s hand, and hence makes them liable for their data security. The client must be capable of safeguarding their data and security to avoid heavy losses.

What is Cloud ERP software?

As Cloud ERP software is hosted by ERP vendor and supports various organizations and businesses, Cloud ERP software supports better functionality than on-premise ERP software. All the important transactions and operations are done in real-time, hence Cloud based ERP software excels much better than on-premise ERP software.

Cloud based ERP software for manufacturing helps the industry to receive real-time information and data from sensors which can help avoiding various errors in the industry.

Components of Cloud-based ERP software

Cloud based ERP software involves sizable components to keep the software up and running. Functionality of cloud ERP software is based on these components; hence all the components are crucial. Modules or applications are chosen by the client’s organization according to their requirements and specific industry needs. Some of the cloud based ERP components are listed below:

  1. Finance & Accounts
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  3. Human Resource Management (HRM)
  4. Procurement & Sales
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Supply Chain Management
  7. Logistics and Movement
  8. Quality Control or Management

Types of Cloud ERP software

Multi-tenant SaaS

Multi-tenant SaaS is a single version of ERP software hosted by vendor and serves multiple client’s organizations. Same software is hosted on same server; the data of each organization is inaccessible to other organizations.

Single-tenant SaaS

A single-tenant SaaS is a single version of ERP software hosted by the vendor that serves only one organization. Client’s data is hosted on a private server and runs a unique instance of ERP software.

Private Cloud

An ERP software and service which hosted on private cloud and is not shared with any other organization.

Public Cloud

Multiple organizations share the same cloud space or cloud computing services. However, each organization’s data and information is inaccessible to other organization. Examples of public cloud include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Hybrid ERP

A hybrid ERP software consists of cloud based ERP software and on-premise ERP software for computing, storage, and services.

Best Cloud-based ERP software

Lighthouse Cloud-based ERP software is the best cloud-based ERP software in India and across the globe. Implemented and serving myriad of organizations, Lighthouse cloud ERP software works flawlessly across all systems and industries. 35+ years of experience in designing and implementing ERP software, Lighthouse ERP provides excellent on-premise and cloud based ERP software. Lighthouse Cloud-based ERP software caters to all modern industry requirements, and renders exemplary services to the industries.

Our Cloud ERP software includes various features including Business Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. The ERP software meticulously analyses data and information of industry and provides various insights to work on. Lighthouse Cloud ERP is helping various industries that involve steel industry, manufacturing industry, plastic industry, textile industry, power transmission industry, and last but the least service based industry. Staggering implementations in various industries shows the excellence of Lighthouse Cloud ERP. Lighthouse Info Systems PVT LTD provides the best Cloud ERP solutions in India.

Benefits of Cloud ERP software

Reduction in overall operational cost

Cloud based ERP software reduces the overall operational cost of the industry or business. Unlike on-premise ERP software where a business has to incur the cost of purchasing server, implementation, training, security and backup, and database creating, Cloud based ERP eliminates all these factors.

Quick Implementation

Implementing ERP software is intricate and tedious job. Cloud based ERP software eliminates these aspects and supports quick implementation. The implementation of Cloud based ERP software can finish in expected time and business can be up and running in no time. It is possible because it does not require hiring additional staff or purchasing hardware equipments.


Cloud based ERP software enables the industry or business to have real-time access to information and data. Also the sensors can send real-time information that can save huge losses to the business. It also helps in making decisions faster and in planning various future strategies.

High Degree of Customization

Cloud based ERP software are highly customizable. It can be easily customized to fit the business requirements. As the business grows and evolves, the high degree of customization lets the software to be configured to various customizations to suit the need of the future.

Better Security

Cloud based ERP stores all the data and information on central server hosted by the ERP software vendor. Cloud based ERP has various measures that are put into effect to avoid various disasters and eliminate data loss. The data is always backed up on timely basis and there are various disaster recovery plans that are in effect.


Cloud ERP software is modern solution for modern problems. Many of the organizations and businesses are supporting cloud based ERP software instead of on-premise ERP software. These businesses understand the true potential of cloud based ERP software, and its major advantages. Hence cloud ERP software is the future of ERP software.

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