Best ERP software in Saharanpur

Best ERP software in Saharanpur

Saharanpur district's industries are largely based on agriculture (mainly sugar), paper manufacturing and engineering goods manufacturing. These industries produce large quantities of products which are supplied all over the country. To administer these industries, a robust ERP solution is important. Lighthouse ERP is the best ERP software for industries in Saharanpur. Lighthouse ERP has served various industries in Saharanpur which has helped them in growing their business by considering the current and future economical state of the city.

Lighthouse ERP comprises several different features called modules, which are customized specifically to match the unique requirements of different manufacturers. These modules are designed for managing various aspects of the business. ERP facilitates information sharing between the departments within the organization. ERP software integrates all the manufacturing processes to streamline the workflow for better productivity.

The modules in Lighthouse ERP are classified into 6 different categories. These modules are highly customizable. Based on the requirements, more modules can be added or removed to ensure that the industries could utilize the software properly and implementation costs are minimized. With the help of customized software, businesses are able to focus on their areas of interest and core strengths.

How do Lighthouse ERP modules benefit manufacturing industries?

Lighthouse ERP emcompases 6 different modules which are interlinked with each other to promote better information sharing across the organization. 

Finance and Accounting

The Finance and Accounting module in ERP manages all the financial aspects of the manufacturing business. It helps in getting the knowledge about the fluctuating market trends. Through the Finance and Account module, businesses are able to quickly analyse the financial data, automate all the billing, payment, and reconciliation process, and store & access the data securely from a cloud platform.

Material Management

The Material Management module of ERP comprises inventory management and warehouse management. This module manages inventory, raw materials, and warehousing of raw and finished goods. ERP for material management streamlines the supply chain and effectively handles all the processes related to the supply, source of supply, quotation comparison, purchase order, and invoice. 

Sales, Marketing, & Dispatch

The sales, marketing and dispatch module is created by combining three different modules, viz. sales, marketing and distribution. These modules are united together to stimulate the information flow and keep the departments updated at all times. The sales module organizes all the sales activities, marketing module helps in gathering leads and prospects and dispatch module looks after the delivery of the goods.

Production Planning

The Production Planning module assists in building effective production schemes to use all the available resources thoroughly, reduce the amount of wastage and exploit the manufacturing capacity productively. This module helps manufacturing industries in monitoring the raw materials quality grade and enhancing the quality of produced goods. The production planning modules basic functionalities are production order control, production order planning, and production order statistics.

Quality Management

The Quality management module's job is to look after the quality of raw materials and produced goods. It assures that the manufactured product has met all the quality guidelines and requirements.  By sticking to high quality standards, industries are able to stay ahead of the competition and always deliver quality products. The quality management module consists of different functionalities such as procurement, inventory management, storage, production overview, and inspection of products before and during dispatch.

Logistics & Movement

The Logistics management module handles all the logistics and freight operations. It facilitates industries by giving them access to real-time freight analysis reports through an integrated and automated database system. This module organizes all Internal & External logistics operations and stimulates better information flow across all the departments. Employing an ERP solution for Logistics management aids in enhancing the freight processes and providing timely deliveries.

How does Lighthouse ERP benefit various industrial sectors in Saharanpur?

There are several big enterprises in saharanpur who have considered implementing Lighthouse ERP in their organization. Numerous industries are using its advantages to scale their business and enhance productivity. Employing Lighthouse ERP has helped them to improve their workflow and gain better control over all the business procedures.

ERP for Sugar Mills

A large population of Saharanpur district is engaged in agriculture and mostly cultivates sugarcane. Sugar production  plants face numerous challenges due to climate change, statutory regulations, import & export restrictions, and keeping up with ever changing demands of consumers. Lighthouse ERP aids industries to tackle all these daunting challenges in a sophisticated way. Lighthouse ERP for the sugar industry aids in managing accounts and finances, managing resources, inspecting the quality or material and handling all the logistics operations seamlessly.

ERP for Paper Industry

Paper processing requires high accuracy of measurements and material utility. Lighthouse ERP for paper industry overviews the raw material quality, managing the production stages like pulp treatment, production, and paper creation. ERP also handles shipping, logistics operations, and order placements & receival. Lighthouse ERP takes care of all daunting processes and delivers accurate statistics at all stages of production. 

ERP for Engineered Goods

Engineering items producing industries are one of the most labour intensive and high tech industries. These industries produce machines and equipment for other industries such as automobile parts, valves, machine tools, engines, furnaces, etc. The engineering industries have complex production processes, various kinds of machines and intricate systems. Despite all challenges, they always need to thrive in the competitive market culture. Lighthouse ERP is highly customizable and therefore is able to handle the different daunting challenges in the Engineering industry. The software is designed meticulously according to the needs of the engineering industry to optimize all their tasks and enhance productivity. 

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