B2B Sangam

B2b for Procurement

B2B Sangam is an online market place for sellers to meet potential sellers and vice versa. B2B Sangam provides an online platform to facilitate goods and commodity trading. A platform transparent to all buyers and sellers, so that everyone can participate in various auctions listed on B2B Sangam. Suppliers and buyers have access to millions of goods and commodities that includes automotive goods, electronic goods, machinery, equipment, agricultural goods, chemicals and solvents, furniture and fixtures, etc. B2B Sangam provides exemplary service that enables sellers recognize genuine buyers.

On B2B Sangam, there are various services on Best B2B Procurement Software online market place that introduces the right buyer to right seller. Services include reverse auction, forwards auction, e-tendering, e-procurement, e-listings, and e-logistics. These services are available to all registered sellers and buyers, and buyers can bid on auctions online to participate in the auction. Results of the auctions are declared online with meticulous analysis of all the bids. System filters all the bids and chooses the most convenient bid out of all bids that has been placed on the listings. B2B Sangam is advantageous for small suppliers and traders to participate in any auctions effortlessly.

Reverse Auction: In reverse auction, buyers initiate the selling on which sellers bid accordingly. Sellers bid the prices at which they are willing to buy the commodities in reverse auction. After initiating the sell by the buyers, multiple sellers bid on the products and services.

Forward Auction: Forward auction is a traditional type of auction, in which sellers list the commodities and goods on B2B Sangam and buyers bid the prices. In forward auction, the prices rises with each bid. Forward auction is simple to understand and very straightforward.

e-Procurement: Procurement done electronically in e-procurement. B2B Sangam provides one of the best e-procurement experience to traders with its sophisticated navigational website and app that enables the traders to deal remotely.

e-Tendering: B2B Sangam offers traders to place tenders online on the website. e-Tendering process of B2B Sangam is extremely lucid, and traders can place calculated tenders that can benefit them in the business.

e-Listing: B2B Sangam excels in providing various listings of commodities and goods to traders to choose from. Numerous categories which are meticulously planned and placed on B2B Sangam makes the process easy.


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