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Learn how enterprise-level organisations plan and execute erp implementation to transform their performance with modern ERP


Is your organization ready for ERP integration?


Assessment Form

1. What is our motivation for implementing ERP? Is there pressure across the organization to motivate change?
2. Are our business processes standardized across teams and departments ?
3. Are we wasting time on doing repetitive tasks that can be easily done by systems?
4. Are we running stand alone systems that cannot be integrated together?
5. Are our systems and technologies being used, under support from dependable vendors?
6. Have we assembled our ERP project team? Do we see any challenges to get them on board?
7. Have key stakeholders documented specific needs and wishes? Are all business requirements documented in one place? Are they prioritized?
8. Have we had significant Organization changes in the past few years? Are we still recovering from it? (Examples include management change, layoffs, other IT projects, etc.)
9. Does the ERP implementation have management sponsorship ? Are they convinced of its usefulness and ROI?
10. Is our ERP project budget decided? Have we planned for miscellaneous and related expenses (Infrastructure, additional team/ resources)?
11. Is our data ready for ERP migration? The master data readiness will lay the foundation for implementation success.
12. Do our systems and infrastructure support transaction volume and performance?