ERP Software For Plastic Moulding

ERP for Injection Moulding, Disposables & Films Industry

Injection moulding is a popular method for manufacturing plastic products. Plastic manufacturing industry greatly relies on injection moulding for production. This technique has proven extremely effective for plastic industry. There are three phases in injection moulding namely product design, mold design, and manufacturing process. These processes go hand in hand when it comes to injection moulding. These phases contains sub-phases which decides the aesthetics of product, material used to make molds, etc.

Injection moulding industry is intricate in its operations, and to manage these operations, a industry specific software can play a crucial role. ERP software is such a software. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. The software meticulously plans all the operations and processes, and integrates the entire system for seamless exchange of data and information. ERP software can make the management of material and products trouble-free. ERP software for plastic manufacturing industry and injection moulding industry facilitates product management that can ensure smooth workflow.

ERP software for plastic injection moulding, plastic pipes, and woven-sack industry works vastly similarly. The modules in ERP software creates a network of divisions or departments which communicates with each other for operations. ERP software for injection moulding can eliminate the delays and helps maintaining healthy supply and production in expected timeline. ERP software is extremely advantageous for business as automation nearly eliminates the human intervention, and with that the delays that occur. In addition to that, ERP software houses central storage of information and data, which gives easy access to data at any instance required.

Lighthouse ERP Software for Injection Moulding is designed to handle complete needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. Lighthouse ERP for Injections Moulding Industry has evolved since 1987 and is constantly upgraded according to the market needs. Lighthouse is committed to provide a industry- specific, comprehensive and robust solution for the Injections Moulding Industry also ERP for Plastic Industry. Lighthouse technical expertise and mapping of key requirements is the key behind its success.

Benefits of ERP software for Injection Moulding, Disposables & Film Industry:

Efficiency in managing all the operations seamlessly due to automation is the major merit of ERP software for Injection moulding, Disposables & Film Industry.

Reduces the delays for access to information due to geographical locations and human interventions as all the information and data is stored centrally in ERP software.

Finances and accounts are readily managed as the finance and accounts module analyses the data and statistics and gives a proper overview of accounts and budget of production.

Automation and Business Intelligence facilitates the business with analysis of records to get broader idea of accounts, that results in proper strategic decision making.

Key Features in Engineering and Discrete Mfg

Multi-Level, Process-Specific Bills of Material:Unlimited, pre-defined, BOMs meet the unique needs of your manufacturing processes.

Raw Material Reconciliation: Accurately Identify Raw Material Consumption in production process

Material Requirement Planning: Daily or Periodic Material Requirement Planning plant-wise/loom-wise, shift-wise and output item wise

Regrind Usage & Consumption: Add and consume raw materials that are not a part of the master inventory. Functionality includes tracking scrap rates, regrind usage, parison/flash and runner/sprue options for material consumption.

Production Planning: BOM based; and Machine wise, period-wise, and day-wise production planning

Production Breakdown: Plant-wise, machine-wise, and supervisor- wise Down time

Mould Amortization: Mould amortization challan wise and item wise; Break-up statement; and auto calculations.

Mould Management: Mould Stock statement, Mould In & Out Register, and Mould Excise details

Stock Sheet: Bank stock statement for Finished Goods, and statement for available stock weight-wise

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