ERP Software For Logistics

ERP for Logistics and Warehousing

In trading, success lies in product delivery and service quality. Lighthouse ERP provides you enhanced delivery system by comprehensive product categorization, dynamic inventory controls and service cycle management leading sustainable business growth.

Logistics and warehousing plays key role in any industry. All industries needs logistics and warehousing to ensure that the products and material are delivered and transported properly. This creates a huge need for a system which can track and monitory all the shipments and cargo until it is delivered. The products or commodities are stored in various warehouses and the system must have accurate record to know where the product or commodity is kept for further movement.

ERP software helps logistics and warehousing industry in keeping track of every commodity in the industry. ERP for logistics and warehousing controls and monitors all the operations that goes on during logistics transportation and warehousing. Each lot if allotted with lot/serial number so that on later stages, these numbers are used to identify specific commodity. When the commodity or product is transported from manufacturing industry to warehouses, all the bills including weight-bridge bill, SG bill, etc are calculated automatically. Tracking of transportation is done in real time. ERP software is the perfect solution for all the logistics and warehousing problems.

Transportation Service (Sales)

Freight Rate Master:Client specific rates,General rates

Freight Quotation Sale

Freight Order Sale

Transportation Sale Bill Preparation:Sale Bill Preparation On the Basis of Gross Wt/ Net Wt & Ideal Wt, For Specific Client,Daily Bill in case of Stock Yard,Single Bill against multi LR in case of wagon,Supplementary Invoice for difference Wt. (in case of Ideal Wt.),For Transporter

Transport Payment

Lorry Receipts Mgmt.

Loading Instruction:Manual,Through Excel File (for SAP/ Oracle Apps) upload/ download for (Railway Siding/ Stock Yard) ,Based on Customer Instructions and Billing Data,LR Excel File on Daily Basis for Stock Yard,LR Excel File on Daily Basis for Railway Siding

Vehicle Reporting

Lorry Receipt Entry/ LR Slip Generation:Manual

Through Excel File (for SAP/ Oracle Apps) upload/ download for (Railway Siding/ Stock Yard):Based on Customer, Instructions and Billing Data,LR Excel File on Daily Basis for Stock Yard,LR Excel File on Daily Basis for Railway Siding

Lorry Receipts Mgmt.

Material Movement Instructions

Offline feeding of LR (Direct) for specific clients. (Email/ Telephonic) for (Railway Siding/ Stock Yard)

LR Acknowledgement

Transportation Service (Purchase)

Freight Quotation Purchase

Freight Order (Purchase):Rate Basis,Minimum Guarantee Wt.,Gross Wt. (with packing material wt.),Net Wt. (Net Material Wt.),Ideal/ Fixed Rate

Transportation Purchase Bill

Transport Payment

Vehicle Maintenance & Management

Vehicle wise Details (Finance by, Insurance date, Insurance Number, Permit due date, Fitness due date, Tax due date, Registration, Engine No, Vehicle book value etc)

List of the Vehicles

Vehicle wise Service Details (Outside & In-side Service)

Exhaustive part codification

Vehicles running logs with HSD and Lubricant consumption

Vehicle wise Scheduled maintenance

Tyre status on Vehicle

Fuel and Tyre Efficiency

Tyre repair History

Costing of spares used

Bill of Material (Spares) Details for maintenance purpose

Part repair History

Tools & Tackles Details for maintenance purpose

Running cost / Km report

Vehicle Movement

Daily vehicle movement report: (Trip Start => Driver Name Helper Name, Advance given to Driver, Trip start date, Trip Days, Trip Amount, Start Meter Reading & Fuel given) , Trip End => End Trip date, End trip Meter Reading, Expenses, Trip Accident , Trip Breakdown, Trip Jam details & Trip total hours.

Vehicle Movement Register

Diver + Vehicle wise Details

Vehicle Idle time analysis

Vehicle Status ( In Running / Maintenance)

Generation of Trip Challan on Loading of Trucks

Queries based on Trip Challan

Inventory based on Work Order / Vehicle Movement / Trip Challan

Inventory Queries based on Trip Challan

Pending Queries based on Work Order/ Trip Challan

Payments to Transporters (Purchase)

Advance Payment to Transporter:Lump-sum Payment on Credit of Transporter,Against LR Payment,Multi Payment against single LR

Penalty for Transporter:Late Delivery Penalty as per defined parameter. (Per day & Per Ton basis), Shortage Penalty (Beyond allowed shortage ex. 0.2 % of total quantity), LR late submission Penalty.,E-card Punch Penalty.,Tarpaulin not covered Penalty.

Additions:Varai Charges/ Labour Charges.,Munshiyana Charges.,Halting Charges

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