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Best ERP software Company in Mumbai

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software is a set of tools that helps an industry to function more efficiently and smooth out the workflow. The software also aids the industry to eliminate all the existing flaws. Features like Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, and Automation makes the ERP software a perfect solution across various industries. Major industries are all shifting to ERP software for their functioning to iron out all the wrinkles that disturbs the workflow. Every industry needs a solution that can cater to all requirements.

ERP software relies on modules for its functioning. These modules help the software to connect all the divisions and departments for simultaneous work. Various departments and divisions can exchange information seamlessly with the help of modules in ERP software. Manufacturing industries like steel industry, plastic industry, textile industry, and automobile industry can increase their productivity exponential with the help of Enterprise Resource Planning software. ERP software provides absolute control over all the intricate operations and processes in the industry.

How does ERP software help Industries?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is a robust and standalone solution for all the organization’s requirements and needs. World is rapidly shifting to industry automation and industry 4.0 to increase their productivity. In current scenario of digitalization, every industry is looking for a digital solution that can make work and operations efficient. ERP software is the perfect digital solution for all the industries that are looking for a robust yet flexible solution. ERP software for manufacturing industry, steel industry, and plastic industry helps these industries controlling all the operations.

ERP software automates most of the processes in the industry. The software also ensures that every operation is executed on time with extreme precision. ERP software enables data analysis of all the information and data in the industry to provide various insights that help the industry in achieving outstanding results and increase the profit ten folds. ERP software also interconnects all the departments and divisions to support simultaneous exchange of information and data. This is the reason ERP software is one of the best solutions for industries that are involved in heavy workload.

Best ERP software in Mumbai

Lighthouse ERP software is the best ERP software in Mumbai. Lighthouse Info Systems is the leading ERP software provider for all the business solutions including ERP, CRM, HRM, and mobility solutions in Mumbai. Our software helps the industries to completely transform the work operations. Lighthouse ERP gives absolute control over all the operations in the industry. Monitoring and tracking work progress becomes easy with Lighthouse ERP software. Our ERP software’s modules are designed to give complete access to all the information and data in industry.

Lighthouse ERP software is constantly upgrading since 35+ years. Our expert team is always available for support and backup. Implementation of ERP software is fast and cost-effective. We provide ERP solutions in Mumbai to several industries including manufacturing industry, service industry, trading and distribution industry etc. Lighthouse ERP software delivers flawless performance in every industry it is implemented. Our exemplary ERP software can be deployed on both on-premise and on cloud. Lighthouse ERP is the complete package of for all the modern industry requirements and necessities.

Core modules in Lighthouse ERP software

Modules are responsible for efficient functioning of every ERP software. Lighthouse ERP modules are designed to make workflow smoother and help the industry to unleash the potential for better outcomes. Some of the modules are listed below:

Finance & Accounts

Finance and accounts module helps the industry in managing all the financial transactions. The module records all the transaction data and information and stores it in secure server. Accounts receivable and accounts payable are also managed by finance and accounts module. Lighthouse ERP for finance and accounts aids the industry in completely transforming management of finance and accounts.

Quality Control

Quality is one of the important factors in every industry. Lighthouse ERP for quality control helps the industry in maintaining top-notch quality of all the manufactured goods and items. Our ERP software pre-sets all the quality standards and guidelines so that production line can control the quality of the goods and items. This makes production line efficient and smooth.

Material Management

Management of raw material & manufactured products plays a significant role in every industry. Lighthouse ERP for material management does excellent job in managing operations like procurement of raw material and manufactured goods. Lighthouse ERP tags every lot with unique serial number or lot number easier identification and tracking. Serial numbers or lot numbers help the software to easily track and find all the shipment or stock of raw material.

Sales, Marketing, and Dispatch

Sales and marketing helps the industry in gaining more and more profit. Sale and marketing module in Lighthouse ERP records all the calls and transactions with customers and maintains record in central database. This helps the industry to understand all the customer’s requirements and needs. Lighthouse ERP for sales, marketing, and dispatch ensures that customer’s business grows and expands potentially with time.


Best ERP software is the one that takes care of all the requirements of the industry. Lighthouse Info Systems understands this and designs the ERP software and its modules according to client’s requirements. This makes Lighthouse ERP the best ERP software. Planning and analysis of requirements is the core approach of Lighthouse Info Systems. Our determination is helping client’s business helps us in designing a perfect ERP software for every industry.

Lighthouse Info Systems (P) Ltd. is one of the leading providers of best-in-class and cost-effective business performance solutions including ERP, CRM, HRMS and Mobility Solutions in Mumbai for several industries across Manufacturing, Services and trading Distribution Verticals.

Be it manufacturing, distribution, trading, finance, projects sector in Mumbai , business performance solutions from Lighthouse Info Systems are carefully designed to suit the ERP needs and wishes of businesses across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, Wada, Taloja, Palghar .

Main Features

We offer customized ERP and CRM solutions in Mumbai for Process discrete and batch Manufacturing, Trade & Distribution, Projects, Services and Logistics companies.

Our ERP solution is being used by more than 300 organizations in the country.

Also used by several other organizations across 15 countries in Middle East (UAE, KSA , Bahrain & Oman), South East Asia (Malaysia Singapore), Indian Subcontinent (Nepal Bangladesh) and Africa (Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Mali).

Lighthouse ERP users in Mumbai is the extensive mobility footprint with the specific process solutions, reports and approvals available in mobiles and tablets. Users can gain immediate access to ERP systems using this seamless digital experience.

Lighthouse ERP has on-premise and cloud deployment models for our ERP and CRM to suit your budget and industry requirements.

Our solutions are industry specific have comprehensive business process mapping for major areas like Finance Accounting and Taxation , Material management, procurement and inventory, HRM Payroll, Production Planning and Control, Quality Control, Sales & Distribution, customer management/support etc. for a range of industries.

We know that every business is distinct in its operations and has diverse needs when it comes to business improvement solutions such as ERP and CRM in Mumbai , which is why we have a distinct approach for every industry.

Have a specific requirement for ERP and CRM solutions in Mumbai, reach us here. You can also send an email to Lighthouse Info Systems Pvt Ltd at