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Best ERP software company in Kolkata

Kolkata is one the most infrastructural developed city. Several infrastructure industries and other industries that are associated with infrastructure industry needs a perfect digital solution to handle all operations and activities. Every industry is shifting to digital solutions for improving the yield and profit. Productivity is important factor in every industry, and to maintain high productivity. To maintain high productivity in any industry, a solution or software is very much needed. In order to manage all activities in any industry, a proper workflow must be devised. ERP software is perfect digital solution for every industry to improve efficiency.

ERP stand for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software meticulously utilises every resource in the industry to increase the production and helps the industry to ten folds the profit. A perfect ERP solution is the one that gives absolute control over operations in industry, and helps monitoring all the activities in order to achieve high performance. A major advantage of the ERP software is the features it provides involving Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Automation. These features enables every industry to achieve outstanding results and boost the productivity exponentially.

What is ERP software?

ERP software is a integrated management software for business processes that provides real-time information over all the operations in the industry. ERP software helps the industry to get complete control over all the operations and enables monitoring of the activities involved in the business. This makes ERP software one of the best digital software solutions for every industry that involved intricate processes and complex operations. ERP software is feature packed and caters to all modern requirement of the industry. ERP software is business performance software.

Features of the ERP software help it to give an edge over the tasks in the industry. Business intelligence analyses the data and information using data analytic, data visualization, and data mapping to give various insights for better decision making. Internet of Things features helps the industry to stay updated with real-time data and information. The real-time alerts help the industry to avoid disasters by taking the right steps. Industrial automation completely automates the operations in the industry and eliminates the human intervention to avoid delays.

ERP software relies on modules for proper functioning. These modules are components of ERP software that connects all the divisions and departments in the industry together to form an interconnected network. This network helps the industry to exchange information and data in real-time. Also all the data and information is stored on central server so that instant access can be gained at any instance needed. Handling financial transactions, maintaining material, sales and marketing, logistics and dispatch, and quality control are some of the modules in ERP software.

Best ERP software in Kolkata

Lighthouse Info Systems is the leading ERP software provider in Kolkata. We provide all business performance including ERP, CRM, HRMS, and mobility solutions. Lighthouse ERP streamlines the entire business process to improve the productivity of the business and improves efficiency. Our software helps creating a proper workflow. It also helps in planning series of procedures and planning strategic approach to business by providing various insights with data analysis. ERP software ameliorates the tedious operations in the industry.

Lighthouse ERP is continuously upgrading since 35+ years to meet the modern requirements of the modern industries. Our software renders all the services to help business grow and expand. Lighthouse ERP software is deployed in 300+ industries and is delivering outstanding performance. Lighthouse ERP software is deployed in major industries like steel industry, manufacturing industry, plastic industry, textile industry, fastener industry, power transmission industry, and civil and infrastructure industry. Our determination in satiating our client’s need makes us the best ERP provider in Kolkata.

Modules in Lighthouse ERP

Modules or components in ERP software helps the ERP software to function properly and execute all operations in expected timeline. Lighthouse ERP has core modules that help it for the same.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management module in Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry in managing procurement of raw material, manufactured products, and warehousing. It also helps the industry in tracking and identifying goods and items by allotting them serial or lot number.

Finance & Accounts

Finance and accounts module in Lighthouse ERP software aids in managing all financial transactions, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash flow, bank, expenditure budget and commitment, and general ledger. It gives complete control over financial status in the industry and handles all transactions.

Quality Control

Quality control module in Lighthouse ERP software helps manage quality standards of the manufactured goods. The module also tracks all inwards and outwards material movement at security gate and weighbridge. Maintaining the quality of manufactured goods is important aspect of every industry.

Production Planning

Production planning module in Lighthouse ERP supports planning, scheduling, and production control activities. It streamlines all the production related activities including process scheduling, production performance, and production costing.


Lighthouse ERP software supports industries by becoming the backbone of the industry to make it stand tall in the race of competition. All clients of Lighthouse Info Systems are 100% satisfied because of our determination to help them 24/7. Our excellent support team is always ready to provide assistance at any time needed.