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Delhi is known for its industrial hub. There are many major industries in Delhi. To ensure the proper functioning of the industries, a digital solution with features like industrial automation, industry 4.0, and strong analytics is required. ERP software is a perfect digital solution that can help the industries in Delhi to control and monitor all operations. The world is shifting on digital platforms, and hence to keep up with the modern technology industries modern solutions. A solution that can transform the way industry functions to make it more efficient.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software helps the industries to make workflow smoother and operations governed. ERP software has many features including Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Automation makes it a complete one-stop solution for all the modern industry needs. ERP software caters to the entire industry to help it improve the operations and activities in the industry. Streamlining all business activities by managing operations and personalizing to industry-specific needs is the job of ERP software.

How ERP software helps the industries?

ERP software streamlines all the business operations and catering to all needs. Every ERP software is designed to meet industry-specific requirements. The software also ensures that the productivity of the industry is always high, and all operations are executed on time to meet the demand of customers. ERP software enables industries to prioritize various tasks and operations. ERP software meticulously utilizes all the resources in the industry to boost the output and achieve outstanding results.

ERP software heavily relies on its components. Components of ERP software are its modules. These modules help in connecting all the departments and divisions in the industry. This interconnected network of modules or departments and divisions enables the industry to communicate seamlessly. All the data and information of various departments and divisions are accessible instantly at any given time. This helps the industry to avoid delays and focus on productivity. ERP software helps the industry to grow and expand with increased profits.

Features in ERP software like Business Intelligence analyses all the data and information to give various insights that can help in better decision making. Automation in ERP software enables the industry to eliminate human intervention and delays. It also helps the industry to automatically complete various tasks that otherwise take time and human resources. Internet of Things helps the industry is monitoring all the operations and sensors in the industry. ERP software quickly alerts the qualified person if some malfunction occurs in any of the sensors or equipment. This help in avoiding various disaster and accidents in the industry.

Which is the best ERP software in Delhi?

Lighthouse Info Systems is the leading ERP software provider to various industries. Lighthouse ERP is a tailor-made ERP software that caters to industry-specific needs. Lighthouse ERP is not just software but a unique experience in gaining various insights. Our ERP software is constantly upgrading since 35+ years, and has evolved into an ERP software that can meet all the modern industry requirements. Every enterprise is different, hence we design customized and tailor-made ERP software to meet the industry needs.

Lighthouse ERP Info Systems has completed 300+ ERP projects that are running smoothly in major industries. Lighthouse Info Systems provides cost-effective business performance solutions including ERP, CRM, HRMS, and mobility solutions. We provide complete ERP solutions to several industries in Delhi across multiple vectors. Our ERP software meticulously plans and utilizes all available resources in the industry to streamline business operations and activities. This is the reason Lighthouse ERP is the best ERP software in Delhi.

Lighthouse Info Systems provides ERP and other business performance solutions to various verticals. Industries like the manufacturing industry, steel industry, plastic industry, textile industry, fastener industry, power transmission industry, infrastructure industry, civil engineering industry, and trading industry are all that can render the services of Lighthouse ERP software. We at Lighthouse, understand that every industry and enterprise is different and unique, hence we design customized ERP software for all our clients that suits their requirements and needs. Lighthouse ERP is easy to use and the most efficient ERP software.

Components in Lighthouse ERP software

Lighthouse ERP relies on its modules for proper functioning. Below are some of the important modules in Lighthouse ERP software.

Finance and Accounts

The finance and accounts module manages all the financial transactions in the industry. Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry in managing accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger. The information and data of all financial transactions are stored on the secure central server for quick access.

Material Management

The material management module in Lighthouse ERP helps the industry to manage all material needs. Lighthouse ERP stores all the information of procurement of raw material, manufactured goods, and material that is wasted. Our ERP software also notifies if the raw material is needed and has to be procured. The module also allots serial & lot numbers to shipment for easy tracking and identification.

Quality Control

Maintaining top-notch quality for all the products is of utmost importance. Lighthouse ERP pre-sets all the standards and guidelines that are to be followed for manufacturing the product. This module ensures that during every production, standard quality is maintained and also eliminates flawed products.

Logistics and Movement

The logistics and movement module controls & monitors all the transportation operations. Generating invoices, gate passes, and weighbridge invoices are automatically general in the logistics and movement module of Lighthouse ERP software. Our software also tracks and monitors all the shipment transportation.


Lighthouse ERP software satiates all the client’s needs and requirements. This makes it the best ERP software. Lighthouse ERP software is inculcated with robust performing components to improve the industry’s efficiency.

Lighthouse Info Systems (P) Ltd. is one of the leading providers of best-in-class and cost-effective business performance solutions including ERP, CRM, HRMS and Mobility Solutions in Delhi for several industries across Manufacturing, Services and trading Distribution Verticals.

Be it manufacturing, distribution, trading, finance, projects sector in Delhi, business performance solutions from Lighthouse Info Systems are carefully designed to suit the diverse needs and preferences of businesses operating in diverse industry verticals across Delhi, Ghaziabad, Sikandrabad, Noida and Faridabad.

Being one of the premier business solution providers in Delhi, we at Lighthouse Info Systems strive and continue to extend our horizons across various other 1st and 2nd Tier cities in the country with well- resourced offices in Mumbai & Kolkata and Development Center in Nagpur.

Main Features

We offer customized ERP and CRM solutions in Delhi for Process discrete and batch Manufacturing, Trade & Distribution, Projects, Services and Logistics companies.

Our ERP solution is being used by more than 300 organizations in the country.

Also used by several other organizations across 15 countries in Middle East (UAE, KSA , Bahrain & Oman), South East Asia (Malaysia Singapore), Indian Subcontinent (Nepal Bangladesh) and Africa (Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Mali).

Lighthouse ERP users in Delhi is the extensive mobility footprint with the specific process solutions, reports and approvals available in mobiles and tablets. Users can gain immediate access to ERP systems using this seamless digital experience.

Lighthouse ERP has on-premise and cloud deployment models for our ERP and CRM to suit your budget and industry requirements.

Our solutions are industry specific have comprehensive business process mapping for major areas like Finance Accounting and Taxation , Material management, procurement and inventory, HRM Payroll, Production Planning and Control, Quality Control, Sales & Distribution, customer management/support etc. for a range of industries.

We know that every business is distinct in its operations and has diverse needs when it comes to business improvement solutions such as ERP and CRM in Delhi, which is why we have a distinct approach for every industry.

Have a specific requirement for ERP and CRM solutions in DELHI, reach us here. You can also send an email to Lighthouse Info Systems Pvt Ltd at