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Best ERP software for Bellary Koppal

Bellary Koppal is one of the most important industrial hubs in India. Industries here are widely spread and involve several public sector industries. Every industry needs a perfect digital solution that can resolve tedious operations and smoothen the workflow. Every industry is shifting to digital solutions as industry 4.0 is in trend. Hence industries are striving to get a digital solution from every vertical. Maintaining high productivity is the aim of every industry, and to aid in maintaining high productivity ERP software proves to be fruitful. The digital solution is the next step in the evolution of industries to increase productivity.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is a perfect digital solution for all industries. ERP software meticulously utilizes all the available resources in the industry that enables the industry in better decision making. Perfect ERP software gives full control and helps the industry to monitor all the operations and activities that go on in the industry. A Feature in ERP software such as Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Industrial Automation helps the industries to increase productivity and gain various insights into the industry. These features enable the industries to achieve outstanding results and improve overall profit in the industries.

What is ERP software?

ERP software is a suite of tools that facilitates industries to control and monitor all the operations in the industry. ERP software provides a rigid backbone to the industry that helps the industry to stand and tackle all the difficulties & hurdles that occur during the operations and processes in the industry. ERP software is a business-performance software that streamlines all the processes and activities in the industry for a smoother workflow. Industries involve a myriad of complex and intricate operations that needs proper monitoring to maintain a decided timeline.

ERP software is the perfect digital solution for all industries that involve heavy operations and workload. Business Intelligence helps the industries to analyze the data and information to gain various insights into the industry. This is achieved by data visualization, data analytics, and data mapping. The Internet of Things feature provides real-time information when a malfunction occurs. This helps industries to avoid disasters in the industry due to real-time updates in the information. Industrial Automation automates all the processes in the industry that needs human intervention. This eliminates the delays in the operations and activities.

ERP software heavily relies on its components. The components of the ERP software are its modules. Modules create an interconnected network of all the divisions and departments in the industry. This facilitates seamless communication in real-time. All the information, data, files, records, and documents are stored in a central server so that information is available at any instance given. Modules also exchange information among themselves in real-time so that every module can update the information and data simultaneously. Handling financial transactions, maintaining material, sales and marketing, logistics and dispatch, and quality control are some of the core jobs of modules in ERP software.

Best ERP software in Bellary Koppal

Lighthouse Info Systems is the leading Enterprise Resource Planning provider in Bellary Koppal. Lighthouse ERP is continuously upgrading for 35+ years to cater to all the modern industry requirements. Lighthouse ERP streamlines all the business performance activities and processes. Our software enables the industries to create a smooth workflow and monitor all the operations. Lighthouse ERP software also helps the industries in planning various processes and activities that assist in taking a strategic approach in making various business decisions.

Lighthouse ERP aids the business to grow and expand exponentially. Lighthouse Info Systems has 300+ active ERP projects deployed that are delivering outstanding performance to the industries. Lighthouse Info Systems deploy both on-premise and cloud-based ERP software for the clients. Lighthouse ERP is helping major industries such as the manufacturing industry, steel industry, plastic industry, textile industry, fastener industry, trading, and distribution industry, power transmission industry, and infrastructure and civil engineering industry. Our determination in satiating our client’s needs makes us the best ERP provider in Bellary Koppal.

Core modules in Lighthouse ERP software

Lighthouse ERP relies on its modules for proper functioning. These modules in Lighthouse ERP help our software to execute all the operations in the expected timeline and deliver outstanding results.

Finance and Accounts

The finance and Accounts module in Lighthouse ERP helps the industry to manage all the financial transactions, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, cash flow, banking transactions, and expenditures and commitment. It gives complete control over all the financial transactions in the industry.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module in Lighthouse ERP helps the industry in managing the procurement of raw material, warehousing, and manufactured products. The inventory management module allots unique serial numbers or lot numbers to the products to easily track and identify the stock of manufactured products.

Quality Control

Quality control or QC module in Lighthouse ERP software maintains the quality standards of the manufactured products and goods. The module presets several quality standards and guidelines so that the manufactured product stays of top-notch quality.

Production Planning

The production planning module in Lighthouse ERP software helps the industries to plan production and production schedule. The production planning module streamlines all the production-related activities including process scheduling, production performance, and production costing.


Lighthouse Info Systems provides all business performance solutions including ERP, CRM, HRMS, and cost-effective Mobility Solutions. Lighthouse ERP software is the best ERP software solution. Our expert team deploys our ERP software in minimum time to enable the industry to become operational. Our excellent support team is always available for supporting our clients. This makes Lighthouse ERP software the best ERP software across the globe.