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Learning & Development

A positive environment for learning is always critical for success, especially for service oriented companies like ours. Learning is a natural instinct to us, and we always strive to provide the right tools while avoiding the hype around new technologies.

The Management and senior staff at Lighthouse understand the positive aspects of improving individual performance on organization's growth. These positive outlooks are reflected in the value statements, policies and structures that guide the operation of the organization.

Life At Lighthouse

Employee Connect

Every organization looks for members who are passionate and who bring their best as an individual as well as to the team. At every level of the company and across each department—from product development to support to consulting to services—our people are committed to customer success.

The biggest contributor to our company's success is how our people imbibe the spirit of team work. The impact of the way they approach any problems, explore options, give recommendations and follow through is immense. Loyalty and Satisfaction is a byproduct of being a part of a thriving ecosystem.

The secret behind this are the emotional connect we have with our employees. Our people stay longer and contribute better as they are connected better to our organizational culture and values.


Work-life Balance

Finding a suitable balance between work and daily living is important to everyone in today's busy times and hectic schedules. Everyone should be able to have quality time with their families. The ability to juggle work and personal life is important for the organization and family.

At Lighthouse, we address this issue by encouraging supportive working practices, trying to combine the concept of achievement and enjoyment. We are changing the way we work in small but effective ways: in our meetings, office mails, and client calls. We encourage everyone to develop hobbies; play, exercise and meditate.

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life at lighthouse

Diversity and Inclusion

Employees should feel comfortable in expressing themselves to the fullest, nurture their differences and utilize it for the benefit of the organization. Diversity is important to create a more creative and innovative workplace. Our Organization at all levels puts great emphasis in this area, which also impacts the way we interact with our global (and regional) counterparts from different cultural backgrounds.

We at Lighthouse constantly try to understand gender, religious, generational biases and increase their awareness amongst our team. Lighthouse Info Systems is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

life at lighthouse

Rewards and Benefits

Continued Professional development and Employee recognition is essential to the ongoing success and continued growth of our business. Recognition can be informal and formal acknowledgement of achievements that helps the organization's growth.

Our HR Team plays a key role in influencing key decisions involving training and development plans all the way to pay structures. Right from induction, training plans, seminars and staff talks are designed to ensure that our employees realize their full potential.

Recognition is essential input in personnel development and staffing decisions. We highlight several practices that are helpful; Having transparent, data-driven solutions; clear and open communication about decision making, talent decisions, and business outcomes. The compensation and benefits are not only important for motivating employees, but also for attracting new people to the company.

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