ERP Culture

How to go about creating ERP culture within the organization

Implementing a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning solution is a complex process that takes significant planning and execution. It involves all the major business functions of an organization and a structured, proven implementation methodology.

And without a proven methodology, the complexity can send an implementation crashing, costing the organization valuable time and extra resources.

Fortunately, most vendors/consultants have developed a specific approach which is customized to an organization’s specific needs, proven steps that build off the lessons of other implementations and smooth out the road.

So, what should an organization expect in an ERP implementation? Below we talk about the process Guide Technologies uses and offer two useful hints for finding the very best vendor or consultant to implement your new solution.

A tried and tested approach

Guide Technologies has developed an Implementation Intelligence Five Methodology (i25) that addresses each aspect of the implementation process. In brief, the process is:

Phase 1 – Discovery

A project kickoff meeting is organized, and the project charter and project definition documents are be agreed upon.

Phase 2 – Solution design

This phase ensures the final solution meets an organization’s goals and objectives, detailing the expected business benefits and how Guide Technologies intends to achieve them in the shortest possible time.

Phase 3 – Build

This phase consists of cut-over planning, where Guide Technologies develops a cut-over plan and test it; data mapping and conversion planning to convert an organization’s existing data to the new system; and end-user training so their staff knows exactly how to perform their jobs using the new system.

Phase 4 – Deploy

Guide Technologies consultants work with an organization’s project team during the cut-over period to execute the cut-over plan and ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

Phase 5 – Support

This phase includes post go-live support, where Guide Technologies works with an organization’s project team to ensure everything is functioning at peak performance for the first few weeks or months. Guide Technologies also conducts a post implementation review to ensure the ERP system continues to meet the future business needs of an organization.

More than a ‘task manager’

Many vendors and consultants follow a similar path. However, not all vendors/consultants are created equal. What sets some vendors/consultants apart are the people doing the implementation, and the tools they bring to the table.

Many vendors assign a project manager who is nothing more than a task manager to oversee implementations. Those task managers can’t help with the application of business processes; their specialty is providing updates such as if the project is on schedule and on budget.

When looking for a vendor or consultant to help with an ERP implementation, one should ask specifically about the experience and skill set of the project manager. A project manager who is also an applications and business consultant will provide more benefit to the organization because of their business knowledge and expertise. They will also have a deeper understanding of an organization’s needs and can offer direct answers when problems spring up. And no matter how experienced the vendor/consultant is, problems are likely to appear at some point.

Templates to point the way

Also, look for someone who brings more than a just an implementation plan—seek out a vender or consultant that brings extra tools that will streamline the process for an organization.

For example, Guide Technologies is one of the only providers that include templates for project plans, pilot scripts, pilot plans, conversion plans—and nearly every document that an organization would need to create.

These are templates Guide Technologies has found to be useful starting points over our many implementations. Guide shares all templates upfront with the customer and as the project progresses so that clients can customize them instead of creating from scratch.

By offering a starting point for those documents, these templates significantly can decrease the length of an ERP implementation.

A marriage of best software and best guidance If you’re looking to update your enterprise resource planning software, Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) offers one of the best solutions on the market. Paired with Guide Technologies’ experience and ancillary benefits such as project templates and project managers who are experts in business applications; organizations get a robust system and customized implementation plan to ensure continued success.

To learn more, contact Guide Technologies. Want to keep up with emerging trends in ERP software and get valuable tips for maximizing your ERP ROI? Visit Guide Technologies’ blog at Twice a month we’ll update it with useful information for your business and your industry.

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