Heavy Equipment ERP

Heavy Equipment & General Trade

In trading, success lies in product delivery and service quality. Lighthouse ERP provides you enhanced delivery system by comprehensive product categorization, dynamic inventory controls and service cycle management leading sustainable business growth.

Heavy equipment and general trade industry faces innumerable issues due to delays in transportation, delays in loading, or problems in bills. These issues on regular occasions can result in heavy loss of business. Often times industries faces delivery issues due to plethora of problems. The loading of shipment, unloading, warehousing, and transportation are key operations in Heavy equipment and general trade industry. To resolve these difficulties, ERP software for heavy equipment & general trade is the best pick for solution.

Lighthouse ERP for Trading Industry is designed to handle complete needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. Lighthouse ERP has continuously evolved since 1987 and Lighthouse is committed to provide a industry- specific ERP Module, comprehensive and robust solution for the Trading Industry. Lighthouse technical expertise and mapping of key requirements is the key behind its success.


Item discounts can be applied on item class according to clients/industries or tax conditions

Purchase Price Capturing: Directly importing excel sheet of price list to ERP system

Auto Purchase Order based on Total Stock including pending orders and reorder level


Dynamic Inventory control having quantity conversion factors

Classification of All Items across categories and groups for systemic tracking

Stock Transfers: product, warehouse and location transfers on basis of movement instruction. System transfers also allow changes to product formats such as unit of measure, quality or type and also allow other costs to be added to the transferred stock

Issues and Returns: Manage movements to and from customers and suppliers for any reasons

Stock Adjustment: adjust product in and out and control the accounting behind the adjustmen

Stock Revaluation: calculate the value change of the product and account for a re-valuation of stock

Insights into performing and non-performing stock assets

Study stock values and movement: Use ABC , fast-moving, slow-moving analysis

Accurate locations and stock status; item-wise and study inventory turnover

Easily Fix Min-Max levels,, Re-Order levels), Last Purchase Rate History, Minimum Order Quantities and Safety Stock.


Automated Generation of vendor PO from Customer sales order/quotation

Buyer accounts - single company or large groups, buyers having multiple consignee location

Record and View Sales on several parameters: broker and sales person basis, party-wise item-wise

Reminder Letter to Debtors/Creditors for outstanding, Party-wise pending sales tax forms

Generate quotation- sales order- challan or invoice; Generate e-invoicing from unbilled challan

Analyse sales history by party-wise item-wise billing, region, broker, sales exec

Excise Mod VAT, Sales and Service taxes

Debtors/Creditors Age Analysis: A comprehensive age analysis for debtors and creditors with multiple features such as Month-wise& bill-wise outstanding tracking

Complete cycle of Service Management: Service Scheduling, Execution (Job Cart), Daily Service Reports, and Service Billing

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