ERP Software For Vehicle Finance

ERP for Vehicle Finance

Finance and accounts are important aspects of any business and industry. A mere small cafe to large giant industries is required to maintain finance records. Error and data breach are the quite harmful to any finance institution.

Vehicle finance work on the same principle as other finance institution. Vehicle finance institutes needs to maintain a proper directory of various details including vehicle owner, vehicle registration number, vehicle model, vehicle type, etc. These details need to be accurate so that mistakes are errors do not occur.

ERP for vehicle finance has information stored centrally. This gives easy access to information whenever required. Vehicle finance ERP ensures that data is safe and multiple backups are present in case of data corruption or breach. Data error are eliminated with the help of ERP software for vehicle finance. ERP software for vehicle finance creates a proper report of all the customers in financial institution.

Lighthouse ERP is the magnum opus of Lighthouse Info. 35+ years of experience in designing and implementing ERP software to 300+ customers, Lighthouse ERP provides customers with absolute satisfaction. Expert team at Lighthouse Info proffers industry-specific ERP software for Beneficiation and Pelletization. Security gate pass, Weighbridge, QC, Yard management, Freight Management, Purchase bill passing are some of the features of Lighthouse ERP. The ERP software for beneficiation and pelletization replaces the traditional and modular systems and helps the industry to operation with full force and improve efficiency & makes workflow smoother.

Comprehensive Vehicle Finance

Two Ledgers of Customer for “what if” scenarios between actuals and projections

Visibility into your integrated financials : Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal & Ledger, Automated Bank Reconciliation

Customers payments Process: EMI wise outstanding in Ledger

Allocation of receipts to Bills

Track, manage and report the actual and and provisional books of accounts of your company's assets.

Ensure proper security, support compliance and gain complete audit trail visibility.

Customer Relationship Management

Generate a single view of a customer across all channels for complete visibility into all online, and call-center transactions and interactions.

Build rich customer profiles based on behaviors and interactions that can be made available to sales, marketing and support personnel.

Create target segments for highly focused, personalized upsell and cross-sell campaigns and promotions.

Understand your customers’ true lifetime value.

Reduce service costs, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and provide a consistent customer service experience across all channels.

Revenue Management

Automate revenue in accordance with accounting standards

Automatically generate and dispatch invoices at recurring intervals on time.

Automated Entry of Interest received from EMI deposited :

Part payments of EMI Codification

Reminders& Reports in advance to pursue renewal and upsell opportunities.

IRR Calculations :

Interest Calculations: Interest payable and Penal Interest Calculation:

Profitability, NPAs and Cheque Bounce Reports

Why Lighthouse ERP?