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What are the deployment options for an ERP system ?

When considering deployment options for an ERP system, Lighthouse gives you Choice: On-premise, hosted or Cloud ERP deployment. Providing three deployment options gives you the flexibility to choose the best solution for your company, and your budget.


Higher initial cost of ownership due to upfront cost of hardware and software acquisition, but the lowest long-term cost of ownership because software license is perpetual.


Lower initial investment as hardware hosting costs are spread over time and lower long-term cost because software license is perpetual. Lowers in-house hardware IT footprint and eliminates issues with end-of-life hardware.


Lowest cost of initial investment because software and hardware costs are spread over time, but highest long-term costs because software licenses are leased, not owned in perpetuity.

ERP Deployment Comparison Guide

Deployment Choice FAQs

Factors to Consider On-Premise ERP Hosted ERP Cloud ERP
SW License Fees Paid up front Paid up front Monthly subscription
User License Agreement Perpetual license Perpetual license 3 months paid in advance, 12 month commitment
Hardware Location Customer determined Data center Amazon Cloud (AWS)
System Hardware Provided by customer Rented in the data center Included in monthly subscription fees
Implementation & Training Paid as incurred Paid as incurred Paid as incurred
Power, Network and Environment Provided by customer Provided by the data cente Provided by Amazon Cloud
SW Maintenance & Support Fees Paid periodically by the customer Paid periodically by the customer Included in the monthly subscription fees
Backup & Redundancy Provided by the customer Provided by the data center Included in the monthly subscription fees

Technical Architecture for Deployment

The application business logic contains user security layer, configuration layer, Global Logic layer and vertical business logic layer.

The front end application layer contains presentation objects such as portlets, forms and web pages.

Technical Design Architecture

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OS Platform:



Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c

Development Tools:



Oracle Forms and Reports , Java, J2EE

Presentation Layer:

Citrix Server, MS RDP, MS Remote Apps, App Anywhere Vertically the application is layered in three main tiers—database, application and presentation —and within the application tier the business logic is divided into two sub-tiers—the business logic layer and front end application layer.

Total Cost of Ownership

The following framework that may be applied to arrive at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Lighthouse ERP:


A. Application software: (Lighthouse ERP)

B. System Software (with Oracle CPU Licenses)

C. Hardware: Server (2 Nos.)

A. Application software: (Lighthouse ERP)

Application Software base Price: Rs. XX Lacs

B. System Software:

a. Oracle database SE licenses (10 user or Processor)– Rs. XX Lacs.

b. Windows Networking OS and CALs (for One servers and 5 Dvc CALs) - Rs. 0.65 Lacs.

c. Citrix Xenapp Fundamental license (For remote access through low band width connection) – concurrent users @ Rs. 7,000 / per user - Rs XX Lacs

C. Hardware: Server

Quad Core - 2.24 GHz Processor. 12 MB Cache, 1066 MHz FSB, 32 GB RAM, 3 x 300 GB SAS Hard Disk Drive

COMBO Drive, RPS (Redundant Power Supply)

Raid-05 Controller. [Options supported of Dual processor & Dual Power Supply (RPS)]

For Remote Connectivity/ Back-Up Server - 1 No. Same configuration Server, with 8 GB RAM and 1 x 300 GB SAS HDD should be purchased.

Work Stations :

Minimum Nodes Specifications: Intel Dual Core Processor, 2 GB DDR RAM, 320 GB HARDDISK Approximate Price Rs. 20,000/-per desktop

Power and Backup UPS Specifications: 3 KVA Online UPS System (Any Make) with 1 Hour battery back-up. Approximate Price Rs. 100,000 /-

Networking :


DES – 1026G - 24-port 10/100M + 2-port 1000Base-T Unmanaged Standalone Switch (Approximate Price Rs. 10,000 /-)


DES-3526 Stackable 24-Port 10/100 Switch + 2combo Gig copper/SFP uplinks (Approximate Price Rs. 35,000 /-)


CABLES (COPPER) Unshielded Twisted Pairs (UTP) Cat6 (Approximate Price Rs. 18 /- per meter)

Optical Fibre cabling for cable lengths of more than 100 meters (Single mode- 6 Core) (Approximate Price Rs. 26 /- per meter)

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