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ERP for Education Institutions

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software is business-performance software that helps the business in streamlining all operations and activities. Education institutions involve dealing with multitude of data and information. Processing and storing such large amount of data & information in the form of records, maintaining the date and time of processed information is a tedious task. Moreover, education institutes also needs to manage exams, admission, accounts, web portals, procurement of school goods, and staff that requires attention to detail. This is the reason a perfect digital solution is extremely necessary for education institutes.

ERP software is the perfect digital solution for education institutes. Managing staff, exam information, fees accounts, web portals, and management information system (MIS), and library books becomes an easy task. ERP software gives complete control over all the activities in educational institutes. ERP software interconnects all the departments in the school including academics, finance, administrative, infrastructure, and communication. This makes exchange of information among the departments easy and ensures that all information is stored in central server for access at any instance.

Lighthouse ERP software is an integrated software solution for all educational institutes that require heavy processing of information and data. Our ERP software gives the institute absolute control over all the processes and activities to eliminate all the challenges that occurs during operations. Automation in Lighthouse ERP software helps the educational institute to completely automate most of processes. Automation updates necessary information in the accounts or record so that delays occur due to human intervention. Lighthouse ERP software is one-stop solution for all the educational institutes. Our software delivers outstanding performance to achieve impeccable efficiency and workflow.

Education ERP Software is a web-based integrated software for educational institutions: schools and colleges.

Facilitates automation of all key processes of an institute and forms he backbone of a comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) .

Encompasses and seamlessly integrates all key processes (academic, financial, administrative & infrastructure, communication) of an education institutes.

Addresses the information and data processing needs of all the stake holders and end users of an institute –viz. students, teachers, parents, support staff and management.

Enables timely and creative analysis of data and information to facilitate effective decision making

Academic Mgmt.

Admission management

Course Management

Exam Management

Infrastructure managment

Fleet management

Mess management

Library Mgmt

Learning Mgmt.

Student attendance mgmt

Blended learning environment – online / offline/ virtual classroom options

Assignments/ thesis – anytime, anywhere options

Time table mgmt

Community building / online collaboration

Learning enablers/ performance tracking

Apps & Web Portals

Student Portal

Teacher Portal

Management Portal

SMS, Emails & Newsletters


Income Management

Expense Management

Budgeting Control

Accounting regulatory requirement mgmt.

Management reporting, viz. Income portfolio, expense bifurcations, budget vs. Actual tracking etc.

Payroll/ HR

Leave management

Staff attendance mgmt

Payroll processing

Regularoty requirements assistance

Appraisal/ Feedback mgmt

Training & Development

Greivance handling

Stores & Procurement

Vendor Management

Purchase Management

Inventory management

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