ERP Software For Construction Industry

ERP for Construction & Infrastructure

Lighthouse ERP Software for Construction helps you define your products/units according to market demand. Manage property sale inventory and prices, manage leads, close sales, automate process of due amount letters and reminders, accounting effect for interest posting, manage property handover and maintenance work .Integrate Purchase, Stores & warehouses, Project sites , Sales offices & Head office.

Construction industry is a rigorous process and involves myriad of steps. Huge projects comes with deadlines, and to complete construction before deadline is a tedious task. Construction industry deals with multiple project simultaneously. Often so, multiple projects can belong to different parts of state or country. A industry so huge and stretched so far across the country, it is impossible to stay focused on every site. Procurement of raw material, labour count, and other requirements plays a key role in construction industry.

Modern problems require modern solutions. To manage brobdingnagian operations and tasks, ERP software for construction industry is the best pick of solution. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. The ERP software for construction industry meticulously utilizes all the resources in the industry making the workflow smooth. All the operations are controlled and monitored in construction ERP. ERP software creates a system-wide network of departments and divisions to make exchange of information seamless. This enables the industry to access information at any instance without geographical conditions posing a barrier.

Sales Management and CRM

Solution for managing Sales enquiries, Prospect; track sales at all levels

Allocate calls to respective sales or customer relationship management or service executive and departments

Define relationships and financial terms with brokers, dealers, etc. and pass sales commission


Achieve financial control and invest more in your business doing more projects.

Contract management and change orders

Work Breakup Structure (WBS) : Planning & scheduling of Material, Services & Resources at project and activity level for Cost control.

Sub Contractors work assigned, approved and Running bills: Generate project wise activity wise work done, billing and earnings and collections by project contracts & rates, BOQs, project execution and accounts

Financial Mangement

Manage product pricing and terms – construction linked, time based etc., effectively manage price escalations or de-escalations.

Automate process of installments, due amount letters, reminders.

Auto or semi-auto or manual posting of interest as per terms specific to a contract or as a standard company policy.

Monitor project execution on real-time basis and manage Budgets v/s actual at project and activity level for all resources.

Fund request from Site and Fund Transfer & Site wise Event & Incident reporting

Document Management- Manage property handover process with on-line documents maintenance to ensure compliance.

Why Lighthouse ERP?