ERP Software For Coal Washeries

ERP for Coal Washeries & Logistics Industry

Most supplier of coal offers a complete mine to plant solution to their customers. This includes ERP for logistics and ERP for beneficiation management involved timely delivery of quality coal which ensures effortless and timely delivery to the customers,with the coal being inspected at various stages by recogonised and accredited inspection agencies.

Coal washeries have to deal with excess amount of coal to wash off. Coal washeries generally washes the soil, rocks, and other impurities from coal before it can be processes. This process of coal washing ensures that coal is clean and improves the quality and price of the coal. Coal washing involves waster washing and mechanical techniques that relies heavily on gravity and the difference of density between coal and other impurities. Coal brought to coal washeries by logistics has to be stored, and batches of coal has to be divided for washing. Then washed coal is sent to different consumers on order. These processes and operations sometimes take days and months, and leaves behind a long trail of paperwork, sometimes resulting in misplacement of important documents and records.

Coal washeries does not involve a single process, but various other operations and processes which effects the overall functionality and efficiency of coal washeries. To deal with all the problems that coal washeries face, and control all operations to avoid difficulties, ERP software for coal washeries and logistics industry in necessary. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software for coal washeries helps the business to achieve system-wide integration to allow seamless exchange of information. All this information is stored centrally, hence can be fetched at any instance. Procurement of coal, storing of coal, dividing batches of coal, and storing of coal after washing, and shipping coal to consumers, all these processes and operations are tracked by ERP software.

Lighthouse ERP for Metal and Minerals designs Coal Washery and Haulage Industry is designed to handle complete needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. Lighthouse ERP has continuously evolved since 1987 and Lighthouse is committed to provide a industry- specific ERP modules for Coal Industry, comprehensive and robust solution for the Coal Industry. Lighthouse' technical expertise and mapping of key requirements is the key behind its success.

Efficient Supply Chain

Coal purchase and movement from coal washeries and multiple depots

Tracking and Reconciliation of stock of grade wise material at different transit points :at Depots, Coal Washer, Storage Yard

Coal Washing Process management: Washing Plan, Raw Coal Stock, WIP, Washed Coal Stock Waste Analysis

Request, allocation and expense handling of railway rakes

Depot Management: All inward and outward movement at yard locations is tracked by Weighbridge

Complete Financial Control

Allocation of Expenses on GRN/BL for accurate landed value Calculation

Freight Bill Passing with linking to Sale Bills and GRNs

Manage Division wise, Depot and Vessel wise & consolidated finance books, Costing/ efficiency, Ledgers & Profitability. Inter division Sales & Purchase on a real-time basis

Accounts approval, payment advice and bill passing for Purchase, Services (jobwork/ contractors) or Freight scenarios

Expenditure analysis for vessel wise: material and additional expenses like handling, insurance, fines

Uninterrupted Sales & Dispatch

Enquiry & Quotation followed by three level order cycle Sales Contract, Sales Order and Delivery Orders.

Delivery with several advanced features: Credit Control, advance from customer, staggered delivery, tolerance rules and with the details of the actual product (lot/batch, Grade wise, Size wise) to be dispatched

Sales e-invoicing generated instantly, by linking to Weighslips and Delivery Orders

Flexible pricing methods cash discounts, quantity discounts, fixed period sales contracts, credit control etc.

Why Lighthouse ERP?